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What we provide


General & initial cleaning services of professional & private premises: We undertake general cleaning, newly built or after renovation and any other work in: public and private buildings, professional premises - warehouses - offices - banks, hotels, shopping centers, conference and event venues, stadiums, gymnasiums, houses, villas, etc. Our goal is to deliver you an impeccably clean space, after any previous work or event.

Cleaning services: We guarantee the perfect and fast result in all the cleaning tasks we undertake with integrated and ecological cleaning solutions as well as specialized services, always adapted to your needs. We undertake the regular maintenance of your business premises and non-business premises.

Special cleanings

Floor polishing: The need to maintain your floor is considered imperative over time. We undertake the cleaning - polishing of all types of floors with the most modern machines (wooden floors, marble polishing, parquet, mosaics, laminate, industrial flooring...)

Panes of glass washing

The clean appearance of your space is the first impression of the visitor. We undertake the internal & external cleaning of hard-to-reach or inaccessible glazing-aluminum frames, etc. With modern lifting machines that serve even the tallest buildings, DAZZLING copes with the high demands of the modern glazing cleaning market. Depending on the needs of each building, we can also recommend the most suitable methods, such as cleaning with water jets, steam cleaners, anti-graffiti, etc. In order to give you a thorough quote, ask us to visit your premises on a day and time that works best for you

Carpet-furniture cleaning

We undertake biological cleaning of living rooms, seats - cushions, mattresses, - carpets, wherever you are... on site at your place with special portable equipment and ecological disinfectants (homes, business premises, cars, buses, etc.). It carries out an on-site biological cleaning with a special foaming machine, steam cleaning, rotating brush and absorbent extraction machine. The cleaning products are ecological and depending on the stain, the appropriate one is used. Deep cleaning and disinfection, removal of allergens, removal of stains and unwanted odors is carried out. Colors come alive and fibers are revitalized

Disinfections-Fogging spray methods-Rodent controls

Disinfections: Removal, inactivation and destruction of harmful pathogenic microorganisms from your premises using certified human-friendly products.
Reducing the microbial load of a space to acceptable levels.

Fogging Spray Method: Modern machines (battery-powered and gasoline-powered fog sprayers) with uniform distribution of the solution over a large area, thus covering large surfaces and hard-to-reach places. Our company, taking into account the necessity of businesses to protect their employees and customers from the Covid-19 virus, offers preventive cleaning-disinfection-fog-spraying services for your businesses in accordance with the instructions of the National Public Health Organization.

Rodent control: Professional use of biocides in the control of rodents and insects in residential and non-residential areas.

Anti-graffiti works

Removal of graffiti in a manner that does not alter the characteristics of the rendered surface. The removal is always carried out by choosing the appropriate methodology, leaving the texture, vitrification and coloring of the surface unaffected. Protect the image of your business and remove graffiti from marble, glass, walls and any other surface.

Pool cleaning

Cleaning and maintenance of indoor and outdoor pools to feel safe in every dive!

State-of-the-art remote-controlled robot that removes dirt and garbage from the bottom and walls of the pool, offering you hygiene and safety.

Gardening care

Entrust us with the care of your outdoor environment and enjoy the peace and relaxation offered by a beautiful and well-kept garden! Visit to your premises by a specialist workshop to discuss your needs. Indicative tasks we undertake:

  • Seasonal pruning and seasonal work required
  • Cleaning your space from leaves and portable materials
  • Grooming, fertilization, watering and maintenance of existing plants
  • Planting of new plants

Technical management of buildings and houses

Modern solutions and competitive packages of integrated services for care, maintenance, repairs and management of the places where you live or work.

Our primary goal is to relieve you of any problems and undertake the tasks that are required and absorb a large part of your precious free time.

Because we see your home, apartment building or business as your personal property!


Μain office: Terpsitheas 2, Patras (Google Map)

Branch office: Thrakis 6, Patras (Google Map)

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